BreezeBoard Pro Scandal

So I have been seeing a lot going on with Breezeboard Pro over the last couple of weeks, seems like they have not be able to send out any boards to anyone buying in the last few weeks.

Taking 1000’s of orders and money from people knowing that Trading Standards were not letting them ship them. This went on for weeks and every day there was another excuse from them getting closer and closer to Christmas. So today I thought I would take a look to see if they had any update, I was shocked to see that they have closed down both their Twiiter and Facebook accounts not replying to anyone or giving any reason and this is 7 days before Christmas and many people ordered months ago.

I did a search on Twitter to see loads of tweets from people wondering what has gone on and why they have not had any replies. It seems as though TS have said their boards are unsafe to sell and that’s it, they have just done a runner from all of their 1000’s of customers! Link to Warrington Gov website where the notice has been placed.

This is just disgusting behaviour from them and I cannot believe it. I even saw a tweet from someone earlier that visited their office and it was closed with no one in sight.CWhH91TU4AEfT7K

If this is you and you paid by Paypal I would put a dispute in ASAP and get your money back saying you have not received your goods, this does take up to 30 days I believe but you will get it back, or if you paid by Credit card I suggest you get in touch with them ASAP and get your money back using act 1974 section 75 for goods over £100! I am afraid I do not know what to do if you paid by debit card but get in touch with your bank.

If you still need a Swegway Hoverboard then please check us out as we list boards from many sellers and you can be sure to find a safe and cheap swegway. UK Sellers with Samsung batteries, just make sure you read up on their descriptions.

Sorry to hear all the stress everyone is going thought and we do hope you get your money back soon.