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This is our own notice to say that self balancing boards (Swegway) could be dangerous to ride for anyone under the ages of 16, this is not to say that is from everyone as there are many people under that age who enjoy using these. But this is a motorised […]

Swegway Safety

So I have been seeing a lot going on with Breezeboard Pro over the last couple of weeks, seems like they have not be able to send out any boards to anyone buying in the last few weeks. Taking 1000’s of orders and money from people knowing that Trading Standards […]

BreezeBoard Pro Scandal

Swegway is the perfect answer for anyone who are looking for a sport that would give them a one of a kind experience. Made from the latest technology, this amazing 2-wheeled self-balancing machine will provide you with the following advantages: Low operating cost Gives you a higher chance of meeting […]

Swegway: Tips and Tricks

This 2-wheeled self-balancing machine known as ‘Swegway’ is becoming more and more popular these days. Kids and adults alike are clamoring to own one of this unique gadget. Swegway is like a cross between a skateboard and a scooter, and just like any activities that you do outdoors that involve […]

How To Use The Swegway

“Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooters Drifting Board”, or more popularly known as “Swegway”, is a two-wheel self-balancing device that personally transports people to wherever they want to go. It is like a Segway but without the handlebars attached to it. It works like a skateboard, but with the […]

Swegway: How does it work?

Good day everyone, I hope you are all doing every well? It is another busy day over here at swegwayboards.uk, lots going on and the good news is that we have busy adding new colours of swegway boards to the site and also different style boards. Also a new type […]

New Products

I would like to kick this off by giving you a little bit or information about myself. Ok, Hi everyone, My name is Ryan and I own and run this website Swegwayboards.uk. The reason i have decided to setup this website is to allow everyone out there who likes the […]

Website Beginnings