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As seen on these TV showsThe Swegway is the new must have gadget of 2016 and it is what everyone is talking about from your next door neighbors to the top A list celebs these self balancing boards are going to be the must have gift for Christmas this year!.

The Swegway board is like a shrunk down version of the full size Segways we had a few years ago, these are much better and a lot easier to take with you when you have to go places or inside as you can just carry it with you as they are a lot more practical and smaller.

These self balancing boards are the new way forward for personal transport, environmentally friendly, easy to learn and with 10 minutes practice you will be on your way, after an hour you will be a pro and never have to walk again!

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If you do no believe how good these are then check out some of the many reviews we have had about our Swegway Boards, we cannot list them all as there are just too many so here are just a few, but we love to hear your feedback and see how you get on with your self balancing board with your pictures. So if you want to then please send us your reviews, pictures and videos to our email address [email protected].

Louise starstarstarstarstar
Absolutely amazing! I had so much fun on one of my friends boards that I got one myself!! very easy to maneuver and would defo recommend everyone buying one!!
Absolutely a fantastic product. The sellers are great they reply to you and help you ASAP. I really enjoy my product. But I enjoy their customer service best of all.
John Tucker starstarstarstarstar
Absolutely amazing
Amazing product at a great price came in about 10 days which is food considering it came international for free! And only takes 5 mins to get the hang of really recommend this to everyone!
Taylor Kstarstarstarstarstar
This is the exact one featured in Joe Wellers video on youtube and in which the sidemen use. I highly recommend and have had hours of use from this item, AMAZING. One thing, have a banister or somebody to assist you when learning and can be dangerous at first.
The delivery is very good and was early. Be mindful not to over charge as it could kill the battery life. It is very fun and can scratch when crashed. Easy to learn and worth the money at £300 which is a bargain.
awesome! well built and so much fun
Matt starstarstarstarstar
excellent product and excellent service from treasure nova, the charger was damaged by misuse on our part and was replaced by the company free of charge with no questions asked.
Sam B starstarstarstarstar
Amazing product. Great fun for anyone. When i first got it everyone wanted a go. They all loved it.
Great value for money. I take it everywhere.
The MonoRover R2 is fantastic it was for my son’s 10th birthday and he loves it! I would highly recommend it!
once to get the hang of it , its great fun
Great product. Arrived in perfect condition. Took 5 minutes to learn to use!
Great product looks and rides amazing love the little extras it came with was definitely worth the wait.i was kept in the loop the whole way about delivery and was able to track it all the till it was delivered great service
Great toy! I have a disability so find it hard to walk, this has changed the game! Fast delivery and excellent seller feedback. I’ll be ordering again soon!
Excellent communication with seller and item arrive in just over two weeks. My little boy is delighted with this and easy to learn to use. Highly highly recommend I suspect these will be hard to come by by Xmas. Item does everything it says in description great fun for all kids and adult alike five stars from us thank you

The Swegway board is the new environmentally friendly personal transportation device. Imagine a Segway without the handles or huge wheels basically a lot more practical for person transport around town. With the sleek design and eye popping colours the swegway board is guaranteed to get you noticed!

They are so easy to ride and it feels like you are floating when you get the hang of it, it can be a relaxing glide or a thrilling ride depending on how you want to ride them.

These self balance boards use the same gyroscopic technology which was found in the full size Segways with a sensor under each foot pad that can detect the micro movements in for feet and moving your body weight from foot to foot and passes that information to the motors.

So to move just push your toes down and that will move you forward and to go backwards put the weight onto your heels, to go left and right your just have to put the weight on one foot. We say within 15 minutes you will have the hang of it. If you need some more info or tips on these self balancing scooters then please check out some of our blog posts.

These Cheap Swegway boards can we used on most hard surfaces such as Concrete, carpet and even grass. It’s not recommended that you ride the Swegway through puddles or in the rain, but damp surfaces should be OK.

You would have all seen the big famous users of swegways from YouTube such as Ali-A, Pro Syndicate and the group known as The Sidemen, or Instagram, you would of heard them all using different terms of the boards but Swegway does seem to be the most popular and the one that is sticking the most, it is not the official name of the product but this is the primary term used for these 2 wheel self-balancing electric scooters. This is the same product that is getting discuss by the media every day at the moment.

If you are seeing the stories of them being illegal to use on public paths just remember that it is also illegal to ride a push bike on paths as well, how many people do you see still do that??

Though in most of these videos you will see them using different names such as hoverboard, 2 wheel scooter, self-balancing board, balance boards and mini segways just to name a few! But there is also people using Brand names to call them such as MonoRover, I know this gets very confusing but there we go.

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These products can really differ in price from brand to brand but roughly you will be paying from about £200 – £400, some, if you are really unlucky to buy it cost up to £1500, not sure why as they are the same as the rest just a slight different in styles and colours.

This is certainly the must have gadget of the year and next year.