Breezeboard Pro’s Swegways still ‘not proved safe’

The HOVERBOARD company Breezeboard Pro has still not been able to prove that their self balance boards are safe to own.


Breezeboard Pro Ltd, which had an office on Birchwood Park, were banned from delivering items before Christmas after Warrington Trading Standards stepped in.


A legal notice is still in place which prevents Breezeboard Pro from selling the boards and will only be lifted once the business provides ‘adequate safety testing information’ in order to prove the goods are safe to use.


Many residents had ordered the boards as Christmas gifts but it is unclear how many have received a refund.


Following the Trading Standards announcement, the company pulled the plug on social media channels including Facebook and Twitter.


A council spokesman said they could not comment further at the moment and were unable to supply figures for the number of complaints about the company as enquiries are ongoing.


Breezeboard Pro did not respond to requests for a comment.