Swegway: How does it work?

HB-HOMEBOAT-10Inch-Smart-Self-Balancing-2-Wheels-Electric-Scooters-Black-0-4Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooters Drifting Board”, or more popularly known as “Swegway”, is a two-wheel self-balancing device that personally transports people to wherever they want to go. It is like a Segway but without the handlebars attached to it. It works like a skateboard, but with the latest technology behind this phenomenal device, made it so that it allows the user to ride on it without the need to move his feet. This is because the swegway balances and moves by itself. Also known as a “self-balancing human transporter”, this amazing machine makes it easier for people to move around with the cumbersome weight and mechanics of most vehicles.



•     Swegway’s top speed is measured at 12.5 mph, which is around 2-3 times faster than your normal speed of walking.

•     Within an hour after the batteries are charged, you can use Swegway for 2 hours (give or take 10-15 minutes). So in a sense, if you are not going to go that far, it is more cost-effective than using vehicles that costs more in terms of gas or electricity.

•     The process of downhill traveling or decelerating can recharge the machine.

•     Swegway can accommodate cargos up to 10 pounds in weight.

•     The best feature is, the machine does not take that much space. Its width is just the same as an average shoulder width of a person.

•     It consist of 3 performance settings which is beginner setting, sidewalk operation, and an open environment setting.

•     Swegway provides the best and safest features.

•     Easy to use and operate with its gyroscopes. Gyroscopes allows the sensing of your body’s movements and in turn, you can use it as you cue in terms of back and forth movements.

•     Swegway does not employ any engine or steering wheel. The brakes depends on the person’s gravitational center.


How It Works?

Unlike cars, Swegways only employs 2 wheels. In order for a person to facilitate the forward and backward movement, he needs to lean accordingly. Slightly forward if he wants to go forward, or the other way around if he wants to go backward. Balancing is the key factor that involves this machine. How it works is just like standing upright or the motion of walking back and forth. You need to balance when you lean forward or backward in order for you to not fall flat on your face.


There you go, now you know what a Swegway is and how it works. It really is just like a simple, yet amazing toy where you can use it for practical reasons like taking you somewhere you want to go without the hassle of using a car or other form of transportation. The best part? Swegway is so easy to use and operate, that even a person not qualified for his license yet can use it without difficulty.

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